Acute Knee Pain And Nine Reasons for Discomfort

Acute knee pain can be attributed to health problems we experience.

The knee is made up of four bones, many ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and bursae (which are the fluid-filled sacs that helps cushion the knee).

Acute Knee Pain

Acute Knee Pain


This gives many ways that knees can be injured.

Injury can come from the outside such as a crash or sports injury.

But also from inside due to something going wrong with the mechanism of the body.

Such as with high uric acid in the blood.

If you are having knee pain then it’s time to see your doctor, if you haven’t seen one already.

There’s a number of things that can cause acute knee pain.

Here are nine things that can cause your knee to give you a lot of problems:


1. Arthritis – Most of the time when you get arthritis in the knee, it’s osteoarthritis.

This is a degenerative disease that tends to show up in older people.

But occasionally will happen with younger people too.

The problem with arthritis is that it attacks the cartilage in the knee.

Wearing it away which causes a great deal of pain.


2. Gout – This disease is caused by high uric acid in the blood.

High uric acid in the blood is caused by your body not processing uric acid properly.

The build-up can cause crystals to form in any joint, including the knee.

It is very painful and requires medical attention due to the high pain level, but usually clears on its own.

For chronic conditions, it is recommended to eat a low uric acid diet.


3. Tendonitis – This is caused by repetitive motions that people often do during sports.

Usually, it’s small tears or stretches in the tendons.

And if it’s not a rupture it can be cured by rest, immobilization, and ice.


4. Sprains – If you have sprained your knee.

It means that you’ve stretched or torn ligaments that hold the bones together.

Usually, this happens in fall or “almost fall” when you twist your knee.

If you aren’t wearing the right shoes, it can happen just walking to your mailbox.

It’s treated with a support device.

Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications, and (on rare occasions) surgery.

Acute Knee Pain

Acute Knee Pain


5. Torn Ligaments – Any quick change in direction.

That you weren’t prepared for can tear the ligaments in your knee.

This injury mostly happens during sports or by blunt force.

Such as in an accident or by being tackled on the football field.

It is treated depending on severity by rest, ice, anti-inflammatory medications and if necessary surgery.


6. Tendon Rupture – This type of injury is a serious injury that will require surgery and physical therapy.

And it hurts like crazy.

You’ll need prescription pain killers.

And it will take up to two years to recover from this injury – or you may never fully recover.


7. Meniscal Injuries – When the cushion made of cartilage on your knee is damaged or torn.

It can cause acute knee pain.

It depends on where you get the injury on whether it can heal on its own.

There are parts of this area that don’t get enough blood flow which cannot heal without assistance.


8. Knee Dislocation – While a dislocated knee will hurt a lot.

Luckily it can mostly be fixed by a doctor.

And will start feeling better after being iced in about 20 minutes.

Your knee joint can be damaged if you don’t seek medical attention.

Though, causing chronic problems and acute knee pain .


9. Bursitis – The bursa is a sac filled with fluid that protects and cushions your knee.

At specific pressure points between the bones and tendons.

You have 11 bursae in each knee. Bursitis is inflammation of these sacs.

It can be very painful and is often caused by overuse.

But can also be caused by a bacterial infection.

Treatment may include therapy and medication, and even aspiration of fluid if needed.

If you experience any of these acutely painful conditions.

It’s a good idea to seek medical attention so that you can ensure to get treated correctly.

When dealing with this type of pain, you shouldn’t try to do it yourself.


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