Lose Belly Fat- A Women’s Guide

Lose belly fat; that’s what we see constantly on television commercials, newspaper and magazine ads.

We’re bombarded with ways to lose belly fat, but do any of these methods work.

Lose Belly Fat

Lose Belly Fat


Unfortunately no, these are shot term remedies to a hard to deal with problem.

There is no fast solution to trimming the fat, but don’t despair there are ways to getting back that school girl figure.

The fastest way to lose belly fat for women is to modify your diet.

And do the combination of cardio and strength training exercises that make you lose weight evenly.

That’s because fat gets stored in the tummy first and the stomach is the last place it comes off.

Women who are otherwise fit all over may feel a little self conscious in a bikini.

So, the fastest way to lose belly fat is to realize that you’ve got to get into perfect shape.

First of all, you want to have a balanced low calorie diet.

One suggestion is to “eat around the outside of the supermarket.”

That is, don’t go into the isles where all the processed food is.

Instead, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

As well as a moderate amount of lean meat and low fat dairy products.

Bulk up with natural foods like whole grains and legumes.

So, one element in the fastest way to lose belly fat is to come up with a healthy eating plan.

This is an eating plan for life, not some fad diet.

When you yo yo in weight, you actually compound the stomach fat problem.

Because you lose weight in other areas but you put it back on in the stomach area first.

So, making a change in your diet on a permanent basis is key.

Lose Belly Fat

Lose Belly Fat


You’re developing a lifestyle, not going on a temporary diet.

Your diet needs to be concerned not only with the total number of calories but the kinds of calories.

You need to take in at least 1 gram of protein per day for every pound you weigh.

You also need some fat in your diet.

A diet of 30:20:50 in the ratio protein: fat: carbohydrates.

Makes a lot of sense for an overweight woman who wants the fastest way to lose belly fat.

Fish oils are the best kind of fat for this purpose.

You will also want to track your progress.

Not only will you be encouraged to see your belly fat decreasing.

But if you stall or go up, you will be able to correct the problem quickly.

It is a good idea to take your body fat measurements every two weeks.

So that’s it.

In just two weeks of following this program, you will have found the quickest way to lose belly fat.

You should have lost an inch from your waist, and lost 5 pounds.

You’ll never wonder again what is the quickest way to lose belly fat.


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